CBDRH seminar - Behavior-change UV Counseling augmented by the Shade wearable UV dosimeter + app

The Centre for Big Data Research in Health (CBDRH) is pleased to invite you to:

Developing and Evaluating Wearable Devices: Shade wearable UV dosimeter’s effect on Behaviour-change

Presented by Peter Kaplan, PhD, director of clinical and quality Shade Inc (New York, NY). Dr. Kaplan, an expert in the interaction of light with skin, has been studying skin in clinical situations for two decades.

While the common-sense advice to minimize UV exposure has been the same for decades, skin cancer rates keep increasing. One part of the problem is the combination of poor UV intuition with the limited availability of accurate UV exposure data that are both individually and situationally relevant. This session will introduce Shade, a new wearable UV monitor with a level of accuracy not seen before in a consumer grade device. Applications include counseling prior to the initiation of photosensitizing therapies, chronic immune disorders such as lupus, patients taking chronic immune suppression therapy such as transplant patients, and, of course, sun-sensitive populations with high skin-cancer risk. Shade is designed for use in clinical studies. The first trial with a cancer risk reduction endpoint, supported by the US NIH/NCI is newly underway this fall, and will be presented as an example of the data collection, management, and analysis possible with Shade.

Event date
Thursday, 14 December 2017 - 12:00pm
Level 1 Boardroom AGSM Building (G27) UNSW
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