Health Services and Outcomes Unit

About the Unit

The Health Services and Outcomes Unit conducts research to identify variations and disparities in the use, outcomes and costs of health services, investigates the factors that drive these, and evaluates the outcomes of health policies and programs.

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CBDRH Members

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image - Sanja
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Senior Research Fellow
image - Alys Havard Staff Photo 1 2015.05.04
Senior Research Fellow
image - Amy Staff Photo
Research Fellow
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Research Fellow
image - Bich Tran
Research Fellow
image - Falster %28hi Res%29
NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
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Research Staff
image - Christos Venetis
Senior Research Fellow (UNSW)

Publications related to this Unit

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  • Bauman A; Phongsavan P; Cowle A; Banks E; Jorm L; Rogers K; Jalaludin B; Grunseit A, 2016, 'Maximising follow-up participation rates in a large scale 45 and Up Study in Australia', Emerging Themes in Epidemiology, vol. 13, 10.1186/s12982-016-0046-y

  • Möller H; Falster K; Ivers R; Falster M; Randall D; Clapham K; Jorm L, 2016, 'Inequalities in hospitalized unintentional injury between aboriginal and non-aboriginal children in New South Wales, Australia', American Journal of Public Health, vol. 106, pp. 899 - 905, 10.2105/AJPH.2015.303022

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