Population-based family study of follicular lymphoma

Project Supporters:

University of NSW – NHMRC Project ID GNT1006707

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Aus Postdoc R/Fellow (NH&MRC)
Ph 9385 8638
Project Collaborators: External

Professor Graham Giles
Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne

Professor John Seymour
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Associate Professor Samuel Milliken
St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

Dr Geza Benke
Monash University

Professor Wendy Cozen
University of Southern California

Professor John Hopper
University of Melbourne

Dr Jennifer Turner
Douglas Hanly Moir and Macquarie University

Project Main Description

Follicular lymphoma is the second most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in adults. The environmental and genetic factors that influence the susceptibility of this cancer are not completely understood. This is a large-scale population-based family case-control study of follicular lymphoma in NSW and Victoria. We are collecting valid, reliable estimates of lifetime personal exposure to selected risk factors and sampling saliva for genotyping studies. We are also ascertaining and validating case pedigrees and collecting tissue specimens and clinical information. We will examine the relationship between environmental exposures, common genetic variants and risk of follicular lymphoma and contribute to future international pooled analyses via the International Lymphoma Epidemiology Consortium (InterLymph).

Project Supporters

University of NSW – NHMRC Project ID GNT1006707

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