Risk and prognostic factors for glioma in Australia

Project Supporters:
University of NSW– Cancer Australia Project Grant GNT1029874
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Project Members
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Project Collaborators: External

Professor Anna Nowak
University of Western Australia

Professor Mark Rosenthal
Royal Melbourne Hospital

Associate Professor Kate Drummond
Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Rosalind (Lindy) Jeffree
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Briz Brain & Spine

Professor Graham Giles
Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne

Dr Geza Benke
Monash University

Project Main Description

Glioma is the most common type of brain cancer. It is extremely aggressive and yet understudied. We are conducting a family case-control study of glioma in Australia. We will (i) investigate the genetic basis of this malignancy; (ii) estimate associations with established and new environmental, lifestyle, constitutional and occupational risk factors; (iii) identify prognostic factors and estimate their association with survival; and (iv) establish a biobank of germline DNA linked to epidemiological data. We will use this new knowledge to identify people at high-risk for glioma and to group cases into homogeneous categories in order to tailor treatment and improve outcomes.

Project Supporters
University of NSW– Cancer Australia Project Grant GNT1029874
Project Status
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