Population-level relevance of risk factors for cancer

Project Supporters:

University of NSW – Cancer Australia Project Grant GNT1060991

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Senior Research Fellow (UNSW)
Ph 02 9385 1402
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Head, Cancer Epidemiology Research Unit
Ph +61 2 9385 1424
Project Collaborators: External

Professor Karen Canfell
Cancer Council NSW

Dr Robert MacInnis
Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria and University of Melbourne

Professor Emily Banks
Australian National University

Professor Graham Giles
Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne

Professor Paul Mitchell
University of Sydney

Professor Robert Cumming
University of Sydney

Professor Julie Byles
Newcastle University

Associate Professor Dianna Magliano
Monash University

Associate Professor Jonathan Shaw
Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute

Professor Anne Taylor
University of Adelaide

Vasant Hirani
University of Sydney

Associate Professor Kay Price
University of South Australia

Project Main Description

We are estimating and comparing the population-level relevance of risk factors for cancer in Australia by applying our recently published PAF measure and program to data from established large-scale Australian cohort studies linked to national cancer and death registries (relative risk estimates) and nationally representative health survey (exposure prevalence estimates). Our method has been shown to provide more accurate estimates of the fraction of disease attributable to risk factors than previous methods. We will use a pooled cohort approach to further enhance the precision of the estimates and to allow the analysis of less common cancers. This study is focusing on the preventable lifestyle-related risk factors (e.g., smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of exercise, overweight). Effect modification by non-modifiable risk factors will be evaluated to identify the most vulnerable target groups. This study will provide novel up-to-date evidence-based information for planning effective cancer prevention strategies in Australia.

Project Supporters

University of NSW – Cancer Australia Project Grant GNT1060991

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