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Status: Current
Funded by NHMRC Project Grant. Little is known about the utilisation, effectiveness and safety of pharmacotherapies for smoking cessation during pregnancy. The Smoking MUMS (Maternal Use of Medications and Safety) Study will explore these issues using routinely collected perinatal data from NSW and...
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Status: Current
Funded by NHMRC Project Grant. Promoting positive early childhood development is fundamental to improving life opportunities and outcomes for Aboriginal Australians. However, national data show that a significant proportion of Aboriginal children have markers of developmental vulnerability at...
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This project utilises health record linkage to quantify the risk of cancer in opioid dependent people registered for pharmacotherapy in NSW. We will examine the relationship between cancer risk and infection with the blood-borne viruses hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.
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This is a matched cohort study examining survival and prognostic factors after melanoma diagnosis in kidney transplant recipients. The study is a collaboration with ANZDATA, the University of Sydney, and St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.
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Funded by healthdirect Australia. healthdirect Australia provides a telephone-based health care triage and advice service known as healthdirect Australia. This project uses linked operational call data with routinely collected data (including emergency department data, hospital admissions and...
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Funded by an NHMRC Partnership Project Grant. The APHID study (Assessing Preventable Hospitalisation InDicators) is an investigation into the validity and utility of Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations (also known as hospitalisations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions). Rates of...
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NHMRC Capacity Building Grant in Health Services Research. OSPREY is developing a new cadre of researchers skilled in methods for research using linked health datasets, and in applying these to address policy-relevant questions relating to the health of mothers, babies and children. OSPREY...
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My research program aims to better understand the causes of cancer and factors that influence outcomes after cancer diagnosis. It employs classical and innovative cancer epidemiology and includes large-scale studies of cancer incidence, survival and risk factors in people with immune dysfunction....


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