Professional Development - Overview


The Health Data Science professional development courses stem from our Master of Science in Health Data Science program at UNSW Sydney. Five of the courses are drawn directly from the Master of Science program, and two courses have been customised with Australian-focussed topics.

Our courses aim to build and equip graduates with essential competencies for which there is high demand in the health data scientist workforce. Teaching examples are all health-specific using relevant real-world Australian health system data where possible. Curriculum has been developed in partnership with cross-disciplinary UNSW experts from the Centre for Big Data Research in Health, School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and key staff of the Australian Government Department of Health.

Transferring into UNSW Health Data Science postgraduate programs

Each of the Health Data Science professional development courses is equivalent to 6 Units of Credit (UoC) of a UNSW postgraduate course in Health Data Science and they can be used as recognition of prior learning towards a UNSW postgraduate qualification in Health Data Science. At the time of admission to UNSW, students can apply to have Health Data Science professional development courses that they have completed (must have scored at least 50%) recognised as advanced standing or credit transferred to the UNSW degree program. Up to 50% of the total UoC of the program can be transferred and students must then complete at least 50% of the remaining UoC as a UNSW enrolled student to be awarded a UNSW qualification. For example, for the Graduate Certificate (24 UoC, 4 courses) you can use up to two Graduate Certificate level courses from the professional development courses (12 UoC) and then complete 2 courses (12 UoC) as a UNSW enrolled student.

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