Postgraduate Research Training

If you are interested in undertaking postgraduate studies with the Centre, complete the following steps to make an application:  

1. Review our current research projects.

2. Find a supervisor. You are strongly encouraged to find a supervisor and discuss your research interests.

3. Apply for a Higher Degree Research (HDR) program.

For further information about postgraduate research at UNSW including Scholarships and requirements please go to the Graduate Research School.

For further information about the Centre, contact Dr Alys Havard (HDR mentor) on 9385 0646 or email:


Current PhD Students

Name: Bilal Ahmed
Topic: Utilisation of Antihypertensive Drugs During Pregnancy and the Risk of Adverse Outcomes for Mothers and their Children (a MUMS sub-project)
Primary Supervisor: Dr Alys Havard
Co-Supervisor(s): Prof Louisa Jorm

Name: Benjamin Daniels
Topic: Big Data to Real World Evidence Around HER2-Targeted Cancer Therapies
Primary Supervisor: Professor Sallie Pearson
Co-Supervisor(s): Professor Nicholas Buckley

Name: Evelyn Lee
Topic: Embryo screening techniques
Primary Supervisor: Assoc Prof Georgina Chambers
Co-Supervisor(s): Dr Michael Costello

Name: Mei Lin Lee
Topic: The utilisation of Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapies in pregnant smokers
Primary Supervisor: Dr Alys Havard
Co-Supervisor(s): Dr Duong Tran & Prof Alec Welsh

Name: Sanja Lujic
Topic: Comborbidity and Multiborbidity in New South Wales: Prevalence, Trajectories and Implications for Healthcare Utilization and Costs
Primary Supervisor: Prof Louisa Jorm
Co-Supervisor(s): Prof Judy Simpson

Name: Stella Settumba Nalukwago
Topic: Economic Evaluation of Offender health programs
Primary Supervisor: Tony Butler (Kirby)
Co-Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Georgina Chambers (CBDRH), Marian Shanahan (NDARC)

Name: Smriti Raichand
Topic: Antidepressants use during pregnancy and their effects on mother and child
Primary Supervisor: Dr Alys Havard
Co-Supervisor(s): Prof Sallie Pearson, Prof Nick Buckley

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